Is Your Dog Bored When Not Playing Flyball?


We all know that our dogs can’t contain their excitement when we get together and meet on the weekend for our Flyball comps. But what about when they are home alone during the week when we are off at work? I know my pooch has a tendency to get a bit bored and when he does he will chew things when I am not at home.


The other day I left my bottle of Alpha Brain on the coffee table (bad mistake on my part) and he had chewed through it and ate a couple of the tablets that came out. I think they sent him a bit hyper because he also got stuck into a cushion on the lounge, and he has never done that before.


This got me thinking that I provide him with activities to do on the weekend, if it is not Flyball we often hit a local trail and go for a run together. But I just leave him all day alone during the week with nothing

to do. So I went online to search for things to help keep him occupied when I am not at home.


Food Puzzle toys

These are great at keeping your dog occupied and using its brain on trying to find ways to retrieve a treat from the toy. KONG Toy, Buster Cube, Tricky Treat Ball, Tug-a-Jug


Doggie Daycare

– I find I can’t afford this, but if you can it is a great option. They get to socialize with other dogs and they certainly don’t get bored.


A Neighbor

– I have a neighbor 5 doors up who has a dog and works from home and I know she takes their dog for a walk about 2pm almost every day. I asked if she would take Jazzy (my dog) out with them and she was more than happy to do so.



– This is just a toy tied to the end of a piece of rope and I spin it around and Jazzy chases it. I just started doing this a week ago for 10 minutes each morning (with breaks or I get too dizzy) and it certainly has

made Jazzy less agitated when I am getting ready for work. I think he needed that bit of morning exercise after a night. You can buy a DogFisher or ChaseIt Pet Toy if you don’t want to make your own.


They had some other great ideas on this website, I also liked their No Free Lunch idea on page eight. But for today I have just mentioned four ideas to help you out if you have found you have had the same problem of weekday boredom for your dog.

What Our 4 Legged Friends Enjoy Doing When They’re Not Racing



There’s no denying that dogs and trainers alike have an absolute ball (no pun intended) when they’re out and about flyball racing. The thrill and energy of the atmosphere is absolutely exhilarating! But just like us humans our four legged friends also need some time to wind down and have a change of pace from the weekend races.

Heres a list of just some of the things our dogs and owners enjoy doing together to have fun away from the flyball races;

Running on the beach

Have you ever met a dog that doesn’t like the beach? They are definitely few and far between. Most dogs love the openness of the beach, the different smells, exploring all of the strange things that have washed up on the shoreline and most of all splashing around in the waves. A walk along the beach for us humans and a run for our companions is a great way to unwind after a day of flyball racing.
Keep in mind though that you do have to watch out for things that have washed up from the sea that may be harmful for our dogs to play with. Unfortunately some people don’t have a great deal of respect for our beautiful beaches. One thing I caught my pooch chewing on was a used bottle of a height growth supplement called Growth Factor Plus. Although it’s wasn’t harmful it’s still a shame people still litter our beaches.

Playing in the park

Likewise to the beach, most dogs just love going to the park. Especially as there are usually plenty of other dogs to mingle with there too. Just like us humans dogs like to get out every now and then and socialize with other dogs alike.

Hiking a trail

Not too many of us think of taking our dogs on a hike out to get amongst nature but really there is almost nothing more relaxing and peaceful. One thing to take note of is that in some areas you are required to get a permit or day pass before bringing your dog into the protected areas.

Whatever you decide to do with your pooch or where ever you both decide to go the most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun.